Sad News… My Facebook Entry, June 4th 2015


Heya my Facebook family and friends and friends that have become family over the years.

You have shared with me my highs and lows, awesome vacations and random irritations. We shared the loss of my mother just a little over a week ago and now I have to add yet another really sucky piece of news..God it seems to have been a really crappy year.

The day after my mom passed I was diagnosed with lung cancer. This is a fast moving piece of work and has metastasized into both lungs, my pelvis and both hips and even a piece of my brain. I start radiation tomorrow to strengthen up my pelvis area which will take several days, and then chemo for my lungs and gamma ray lasers for my brain possibly. This will only buy me a few extra months to spend with my family. There is no cure for this and my time frame is not even close to exact but the median time is a year. I ask that you keep my sister, father and my two beautiful boys close to your hearts and in your prayers. I love you all colonthree emoticon