June 25

She’s awake! They did the ct scan this morning on her neck and determined today would be the day they would try to wean her off the oxygen and the sedative. She did amazingly well. In fact, she kept that tube in her throat with very little sedation for over an hour while they ran the tests and was cool as a cucumber the whole time. I would have been a crazy person that whole time.

She still has pneumonia but the antibiotics should take care of that. She will be here for another couple of weeks but hopefully out of ICU soon. We haven’t been able to talk to her oncologist yet, but I’m assuming as soon as she is stronger, they will try to schedule her next chemo session that she was supposed to have yesterday.

So it was a good day! We had no idea when we woke up that this is how it would end so we are really thrilled.


  1. Aunt Jill says

    Such good news! Please give Kristen a big hug for me, and you guys get big hugs too!!! I love you all!

  2. Nancy Robinson says

    Fantastic!!!! Give Kristen my love and tell her I have a big Smiley Face on 🙂 Love you all.

  3. Monica says

    Praise God! What fantastic news. Happy dance in my house. Give her a hug.!!!! Love, Monica

  4. Aunt Debbie says

    Oh, thank God!! So happy to hear! High fives to Kris for sitting back and taking what must have been so hard. <3

  5. Wayne says

    Kris is doing much much better. A difficult few days but we are seeing real progress now. Laurie will give details as soon as she can get on a real computer.

  6. Robin Barcellos says

    Good to hear, Wayne. Look at this diary every day to see the updates and was getting concerned that there were none lately. I’ve been praying and hoping for some news.