Chemo Phase 2 started today – July 16th

It has been a long week in hospital for Kristen fighting off a very combative cellulitis infection. The infection problem, water retention and swelling are now under control and they were able to give Kris her second Chemo treatment this morning. Kristen is feeling much better and in good spirits. We are so relieved that we can now get back to dealing with the primary medical issues. The blood tests are looking good, the leg swelling and leg cramps are much better and Kristen is walking the floor again. There is hope that Kristen can go home this weekend. We are not sure yet, but hopeful.

It has amazed us that Kristen has not lost her sense of humor. In fact we have had to be careful not to get her laughing too hard when she was hurting the last week…. she is laughing pretty good now. I don’t know how she does it. And, she is hungry again, famished she says, that is good news.

Kristen thanks you all so much for your love,  thoughts and prayers. It means so much to her and her family.