Spa week at Laurie’s

Good morning everyone! Hit that java and get ready for your weekend 🙂
I have been out of the hospital for a week now I think, and am feeling for the most part, in pretty good shape. The nausea from the Chemo seems like it is picking up it’s pace as I move into my 3 most active days of being susceptible to every germ out there. As I cannot be left alone yet, my gracious sister has encouraged me to come and visit for several days.
To say I’m silly excited is an understatement. Getting to putt in the garden and focusing on life and not just survival will probably be the best medicine we could all ask for right now.. Fingers crossed and prayers that this weekend goes off easily , that Laur’s family is all feeling better and that good times will be had for all.
God Bless,
you all you will be in my thoughts,



  1. Aunt Jill says

    Enjoy your time with Laurie and her family! Best medicine ever to be with encouraging, loving, and pampering family!

    • Kris says

      It has been such a blessing Aunt Jill. The pampering will take a lot of getting use to but when I grumble too much I reflect back on my blog on gratitude and get pretty humble fast. All of this is such a gift to have this time to do the silly as well as serious. Laur and I made the best bananna cream pie, for no reason but it was fun!

      Ah and look Aunt Jill, it took a bit but i figured out how to reply and edit these now !!

      Love Kris

      • Aunt Jill says

        It sounds like you guys are having a great time, Kris! How long will you be visiting Laurie?

        • says

          The trip had to be cut short as it looks like the cellulitis is trying to come back, so I wanted to be closer to my team. We got roughly 5 days, and both of us want to try it again when I start chemo again Friday…

  2. monica says

    I was camping and missed the big news. What a special time for the both of you. love you.!