Kristen is now in Pipestone Hospice House

This is a wonderful 4-Bed Hospice House in Pipestone, Mn. on the border of South Dakota and close to Laurie’s home in Sioux Falls. Laurie will be able to take her computer up and work from there during the week. They also have sleep over family rooms with full use of the kitchen so Josh and John can stay over on weekends. Pipestone is a really cool Midwest farm community. The people have just been so nice to us all.
We have a lot going on in South Dakota this weekend. Michael and Brita get married today at Michael’s Alum, South Dakota State University. Last night we had awesome rehearsal dinner at Laurie’s home and got to meet Brita’s family.
Tomorrow back at it and up to Kristen’s.
We will get some pictures up and more detailed update as soon as we get a break in the action here.


  1. Monica says

    My dear friend, that sounds like a beautiful place. I am so thankful that they were able to get you in. I am going to try calling you. I love you!