August 29-Update 1

Update Saturday 1:30 PM MST – Dad

This morning Kristen had complications from last evenings surgery and they had to go back in. My understanding is that the inserted catheter was kinked inside her arm so she was not getting the medicine needed to combat the clotting. Kris is out of surgery and the Dr said it now looks better in there, it has all been redone (what a pain). The plan now is to go back in,, in 24 hours to see where we are at. So that will be about 11  AM Sun. Morning… keeping our fingers crossed Kris remains stable until then.

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Sat. Morning – Laurie

Kristen had a good night all things considered. Every hour they have had to wake her up, check her pupils, and ask her a series of questions. This will continue all throughout the day. They are checking for signs of a stroke or brain bleed, both risks after the procedure she had last night. She has passed each one with flying colors, even telling the nurse this morning she needed to come up with new material, lol.

I am hoping she will go in for the ultrasound to check the status of the clot around 5p, hopefully earlier and will update again at that point.

Back in hospital

Well, unfortunately, Kristen is back in the hospital. She has a very large clot going from her picc line to the jugular vein in her neck. She shouldn’t be clotting like this anymore, so the concern is this particular blood thinner is not working either.

Her oncologist came in last night to talk to us about the situation. He is calling some people in Rochester at the main Mayo clinic to see if they have some thoughts about it and is also sending in a guy who specializes in clots to see if some type of clot busting therapy may be an option. Right now, we have no idea what that would entail, or if she would even be a candidate, but we are hoping he shows up soon so we can get some answers.

Kris and I had a fun evening in spite of the problems. I ordered us a pizza, we split a Margarita (shhhhhhhh!) and did quite a bit of laughing and talking. It was good for both of us I think.

So at this point, we wait. I will certainly update as we learn more.

June 25

She’s awake! They did the ct scan this morning on her neck and determined today would be the day they would try to wean her off the oxygen and the sedative. She did amazingly well. In fact, she kept that tube in her throat with very little sedation for over an hour while they ran the tests and was cool as a cucumber the whole time. I would have been a crazy person that whole time.

She still has pneumonia but the antibiotics should take care of that. She will be here for another couple of weeks but hopefully out of ICU soon. We haven’t been able to talk to her oncologist yet, but I’m assuming as soon as she is stronger, they will try to schedule her next chemo session that she was supposed to have yesterday.

So it was a good day! We had no idea when we woke up that this is how it would end so we are really thrilled.

June 24

We had 2 small good news events today which of course thrilled us. The first is that they have been able to reduce the oxygen coming through her ventilator to 45% and 2nd, it looks like the pneumonia is starting to clear up a bit with the huge amounts of antibiotics they have her on. They tried to see if she could breathe on her own this morning, and while she was doing pretty good with that, once they stopped the sedative to try and wake her up she started to choke and thrash around too much so they had to sedate her again. Apparently, it is a very slow process to get someone off the breathing tube because you need to be awake for certain tests and a lot of people coming out of sedation will panic, try to take the tube out, etc. They will try to wake her up again in the morning.

Because of all the lung problems, the reason why she landed in ICU in the first place still hasn’t been addressed. Tomorrow morning they are doing another CT scan of her neck and comparing it to the one they did on Monday. Hopefully we can get some answers about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, everything else is the same. We want to thank you all for your prayers, messages and support. Dad is spending the evening with the boys and I will sleep here with her and am planning on reading all the messages since things will be quieter.