Kristen’s Back in Hospital – Sept. 23 Update

---- Thur. Morning-----
Kris got a good nights sleep. Some blood flow has been restored and pain is still dificult but reduced from yesterday. Swelling is down. She was taken down again at 10:30 am for second round of clot reduction procedure.

—– Wed. afternoon update ——
Kris just got back from 3 hr surgery for clot breakup. Hopefully this will improve blood flow and releave pain. Procedure will be repeated tomorrow. Laurie, Dad, Josh and John are with her.

—— Original Post ——–
Kristen is back in Hospital. Things have not gone as we had planned in the last post. Kristen’s release from hospital was delayed until Monday. She wanted to spend a couple days with her boys before coming down to Laurie’s. We had planned on picking her up tomorrow (Thursday).

Unfortunately, Tuesday late evening she again developed severe clotting and was admitted to Mayo Mankato Emergency room around midnight. She has been helicoptered to Mayo Rochester for better access to the clotting specialists. Mayo Rochester is about 100 miles from her Mayo Hospital in Mankato.

As we wait for more information we are packing and Dad and Laurie preparing to drive to Rochester at daylight. This is about a 4 hour drive from Sioux Falls, and a 1 1/2 hour drive for Josh and John in Mankato.

We will do our best to keep you updated as the day progresses. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Kristen Update 17 Sept.

So sorry for the delay in getting the Diary updated. On Sept. 11th Kristen had issues with anemia and was entered into hospital for blood transfusion. Her hemoglobin blood levels have been stabilized but unfortunately she has also experienced problems with Bronchitis. After consultation with her Dr’s, Nurses, family and Palliative Care Kristen has decided to discontinue Chemo treatments. Kristen is being entered into Hospice and will be staying at her sister Laurie’s house in Sioux Falls. Dad and Nancy will be arriving at Laurie’s this weekend.

Thanks again for your wonderful prayers and support.

August 31st – Surgery Update

Kristen has done quite well (considering) after her second clot removal surgery on Saturday.  The surgery was repeated on Sunday and is being repeated this Monday morning. The swelling is reduced and Kris feels the arm is improving. The attempts to remove the clot are a challenge and quite high risk so we are keeping faith and praying for success.  Kris will remain in ICU so she can be closely monitored. Thank you for your prayers and support.