A Helping Hand for Kristen …

who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on May 26th, 2015. 

We are sad to report that Kristen passed away at 3 pm on Sunday Oct. 4th at Pipestone Hospice House in Pipestone MN. Kristen was peaceful and accompanied by her two sons, Josh and John, our dear friend Erica, Kristen’s sister Laurie and husband Thomas, their son Michael & his wife Brita, and Kristen’s Dad and his wife Nancy.

16644411_l_cropped-800x449-A Quick Summary… Kristen and Laurie’s Mom passed away on Sunday May 24th in Mankato, MN after a two year struggle with cancer.

The Sisters had been caretakers for their Mom throughout her illness. Kris was in hospital that day with emergency respiratory problems. She checking herself out of hospital so that she and her sister Laurie could be together with their Mom.

It was obvious that Kristen was very ill. On Monday, the day after her mom passed Kristen was back in the hospital.  Tuesday, most of the tests came back and we were informed that Kristen had stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to her brain. A few days later, after more tests came back, we were told the bit in her brain was small, but it was also in her pelvis and both hips.

It was a valiant battle for survival with every week, sometimes every day, bringing new hopes and new fears.

With Kristen unable to work for the several months and her medical and living expenses accumulating, Kristen reached out for assistance to help pay these quickly accumulating expenses.

Your prayers and donations have been very much appreciated by Kristen’s family. Thank you so much. Your charity donations have been applied to Kristen’s medical and funeral expenses which will now allow Kristen’s life insurance, when available, to go directly to her boys, Josh and John, to help them get a start in their new lives.

Our original intention was to close Kristen’s charity fund by this Christmas. However, we recently received a generous charity donation from dear friends with specific direction to helping Josh and John through this difficult Christmas season. This has motivated us to keep the fund open to continue to help the boys. John has moved into his own place and is working two jobs to keep his head afloat, Josh has moved in with a friend in North Carolina, is working part time and hopeful of starting classes at U of NC next semester.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.