My Music

This is the collection of the special requested songs that have been playing from my Welcome ‘Home’ page…..

Dave Matthews – Butterfly

Dave Matthews – Sweet

Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Lauries Song from ABBA – Take A Chance On Me

Kristen’s song for today:You Never Know – Dave Matthews Band

Dad’s Song: Jimmy Brown the Newsboy – woke up this AM humming “I am the morning DJ, my name is Jimmy Brown, I bring this morning song to you I’m the DJ of our town.” now where did that come from?
I recall as a young boy, on bicycle, delivering the morning paper on Holman City Road Sauquoit. This was my favorite song… maybe the only song I knew…and singing it over and over.

and a Special Request from Monica 🙂

Josh’s song request for his Mom: Dive In – Dave Matthews Band

Dad’s Song: It’s fathers day… 2015 and I dedicate this song to my dad, and to all the dad’s who may not be here with us physically on this day, but whose teachings and examples of love, kindness, and caring, live within us on every day.

Kristen’s Special Request – The beautiful song Dave Matthews wrote for his “Sister”
Sister by Dave Matthews

Numa Numa…. Kristen’s Special Request – 20 July, 2015

Dad’s Request… Alan Jackson delivers on ‘Angels and Alcohol’

Dad’s Request, Monday August 31st –  Over The Rainbow

Kristen’s Special Request for the 19th of August – DMB.. The Best of What’s Around

Kristen’s Special Request – Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

August 7th, “A Good Song for Today all Chemoing Up” Kristen

Matisyahu : One Day…. Kristen’s Special Request – 3 Sept. 2015