Sad News To Report

We are sad to report that Kristen passed away at 3 pm this afternoon (Sunday Oct. 4th) at Pipestone Hospice House in Pipestone MN. Kristen was peaceful and accompanied by her two sons, Josh and John, her sister Laurie and husband Thomas, their son Michael & his wife Brita and Kristen’s Dad and his wife Nancy.

This has been a brutal battle and we are thankful that Kristen is now at peace. Again we thank you all for your tremendous support and prayers which has meant so much to Kristen and her family.

More information will be provided on funeral arrangements as it becomes available.

Kristen is now in Pipestone Hospice House

This is a wonderful 4-Bed Hospice House in Pipestone, Mn. on the border of South Dakota and close to Laurie’s home in Sioux Falls. Laurie will be able to take her computer up and work from there during the week. They also have sleep over family rooms with full use of the kitchen so Josh and John can stay over on weekends. Pipestone is a really cool Midwest farm community. The people have just been so nice to us all.
We have a lot going on in South Dakota this weekend. Michael and Brita get married today at Michael’s Alum, South Dakota State University. Last night we had awesome rehearsal dinner at Laurie’s home and got to meet Brita’s family.
Tomorrow back at it and up to Kristen’s.
We will get some pictures up and more detailed update as soon as we get a break in the action here.

The Cancer Roller Coaster 9/26 – 9/29 update

Sept. 29 Update
Kristens’s physical health status is about the same. All drip IV tubes have been removed. Pain medicine is administrated orally and via an IV port in the foot.
John, Josh and Erica were with Kris on the weekend. Dad came back in on Monday. Hoping to get Kris moved to Pipestone Hospice, closer to Laurie’s and support group in Sioux Falls ASAP.
Kris’s good friend Ron, Erica and I had some good laughs last evening. Kris and Ron bopping to Grateful Dead and “Truckin”. I need to figure out how to get “Truckin” up on home page with my Droid.
Many thanks to Rochester locals Erica and Ron for support they have been able to give Kris. And thanks to all for your prayers and support.
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Kris had a very good evening. Now out of ICU Laurie and I can sleep over. We all crashed about 10pm. Woke for 3-5am pj party, then crashed again till 7:30. Kris got to read all your messages which means so much to her. She now sits with phone in hand threatening to call every one :-). We see a large improvement and have more hope now of getting her to Pipestone which sounds like a wonderful place for Kris and family.
It is a “Roller Coasrer” ride for sure.

Kris is out of ICU… 9\24 5:30 pm

.......Friday afternoon update....
Today was a difficult day. We discovered late this morning that Kristen's haemoglobin levels had again dropped too low. They suspect this is due to bleeding resulting from the battle between the cancer clotting and blood thinners. In addition her pain although not as bad as before is still quite severe. Kristen has chosen to stop the cycle of blood transfusions and clot removal surgery which has been exreamly painful and exhausting. The Dr's do not feel this is a battle that can be won. She is beginning Hospice in Mayo Rochester. Maximum effort is now applied to making her as comfortible as possible. We are hopeful she can be relocated to Hospice in Pipestone, MN which is just accross border from Laurie's home in Sioux Falls.
Laurie and Dad are continously amazed at Kristen's strength of character and sense of humor through this all.
Laurie and I read your Diary comments to her daily and it means so much to her. She is an an amazing young lady.
We will update as soon as we get more.

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What a day! Amazing improvement after todays clot removal procedure. A stent was inserted, circulation is good again. Her vitals are very good. Pain is greatly diminished. She is requested Dunkin Donuts for breakfast 🙂